Stretching at Home

Series of onlineĀ  Ballroom Stretching lessons are going to help you get more flexible for your dancing! Each video connects with the next in series, allowing you to stretch all muscles in your body for better result. Beginners and Intermediate level.

14 Minutes

First part of Ballroom stretching series. Great stretching exercise for upper body (neck). Beginners, Intermediate level.

Stretching (shoulders, Upper Back)
14 Minutes

Second part of Ballroom stretching for upper body; how to get more flexibility in shoulders and upper back muscles.

Stretching (chest muscles, using a prop)
13 Minutes

Third part of Ballroom stretching at home. Using a prop, stretching your chest muscles.

Stretching the core
11 Minutes

Next part of Ballroom stretching at Home. Stretching the core.

Stretching for Ballroom Hips
12 Minutes

How to get more flexibility in your hips/ lower back muscles.

Stretching Legs and Back
12 Minutes

Stretching for more flexibility in legs/ back muscles.

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Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 76 Minutes
Lectures: 6
Level: Intermediate