To whom is it useful of them all?

For teachers and coaches it’s very useful, almost essential in certain situation. Checking some lines, positions, seeing the student from different angles; are all good reasons to have the mirror.

As amateurs, students, and even professional dancers, you have to be careful, how much you rely on the mirror. Consistently having the visual check eliminates the kinesthetic sense, and it can be damaging once the mirror is removed. Look at the mirror to see, if you are doing the same as the partner; check, if the arms are in the right position, or your hip actions match, but then turn away, and do it multiple times without it. Rather focus on the sensations in the body; and be aware of the weight movements, not the visual clues.

All in all use the mirror, but be mindful about it.

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Istvan Cserven is an official United States NDCA Adjudicator and highly sought after-Coach, Trainer and Examiner. He has spent over 20 years with Fred Astaire Dance Studios, serving as Instructor, Dance Director, Studio Manager, Examiner and Regional Trainer. He has worked with students and high-level amateurs alike, leading them to several National titles. Additionally, he has worked as a regular Coach for the Harvard, MIT and Brown University ballroom dance teams. Prior to joining the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Istvan enjoyed a successful competitive career, obtaining the title of Hungarian Standard Ballroom Champion, three-times Vice-Hungarian 10-Dance Champion, and was a member of the National Champion Latin Formation Team. During this time, he also coached competitive couples of all levels and ages, as well as the Hungarian Latin Youth Champions. About his passion and profession, Istvan says, “I love to see people grow in all aspects of their life through developing their dance ability.”


  • All levels of Certification and Examinations in American, International Styles, and Theatre Arts with Fred Astaire Dance Studios
  • Fellow of the U.S. Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in International Ballroom, and Licentiate in International Latin
  • Several Regional Top-Teacher Awards with Fred Astaire Dance Studios
  • Hungarian National International Standard/Ballroom Champion
  • 3-Time Hungarian National Ten Dance Vice-Champion
  • Hungarian National Latin Formation Champion

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  • I completely agree with the statements above. Using the mirror too much can have a negative effect on your dancing. If we rely on the mirror, sometimes it is difficult to dance/express when we move to a competition or a performance environment. The mirror is a very good tool for checking if a position or a line looks correct. Try not to stare at the mirror and see if you notice a difference in your dancing. I certainly do!

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